JP Cormier – Hometown Battlefield

This is one of those songs that needs to be put out there. Apparently the Canadian Armed Forces and Veteran Affairs don’t track suicides by former soldiers1 according to veterans groups.

What is clear that suicides happen frequently and some people might say that not enough is being done – especially the widows of the deceased veterans.  In a story by Global News showing a timeline of recent soldier/ex-soldier suicides2, Tom MacEachern said the extent of his wife’s treatment for PTSD was “to see a psychologist for 45 minutes a week to ‘assist in reaching your goal of symptom management.’ We would like to say that Leona had slipped through the cracks in the system but, in fact, there does not seem to be ‘a system’.

Anyway – this song highlights the struggle for those considering, considered and followed through, and those left behind.

  1. Canadian soldier suicides poorly tracked, veterans groups say 

  2. Recent soldier suicides in Canada’s military 

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