It’s Been A While

Hey folks… yes I know it’s been a while since I’ve blogged.   Most of that is due to the fact I’ve been trying to focus my website more on native news.   Needless to say work has been very hectic and busy.

I recently made another purchase from – I bought Series 1 – 6 of ‘The Bill’.   Series 1-3 arrived about two weeks later.   As with Judge John Deed, I have to burn the dvd before I can watch it.   It’s quite weird watching the oldest episodes… it brings back so many memories.   As with most things from England, it sort’ve reminds me of what ‘Britishness’ is like.   Always did like Sergeant Cryer’s character.   Reg Hollis has always been a favourite.   Was kind’ve funny to see Carver’s character brand new… bowling down the road.

I also recently remembered a favourite song of mine; ‘She’s Got That Vibe’ by R. Kelly.

Got my taxes back and paid off my credit card and paid my son back.

Lost a friend due to her predjudice views about black people, and gained two more.   People are still talking about who I hang around with.   The friend I lost doesn’t want to talk to me anymore because I didn’t want her to bring her baby (who she knows I love) to a powwow because she wouldn’t be able to relax and have fun.   I told her I’d much prefer just me and her go alone tomorrow – I even offered to pay the baby’s dad to come from Thunder Bay to look after the baby so we could… she took it the wrong way and now doesn’t want to talk anymore.   Que sera!

One of my friends who’s practicing for her G1 Exit Test has been driving my car.   It’s quite weird because she’s literally the first person to drive my car and have me completely relaxed.   She’s actually a very safe and good driver.   She drove to Shoal Lake today.

The powwow sucked and was near dead.   Was mealtime or dinner or break or whatever… but it was indoor so it would have sucked anyway.   I did buy a Northern Wind cd though which was alright.

I’ve found out that I like being around people who smile a lot.

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