Irresponsible or Abuse?

It’s clear, it’s proven and it’s understood by all normal people that a woman who consumes alcohol whilst pregnant is harming her baby, and by definition an irresponsible harlot.   What does it make her when she not only drinks, but doesn’t care about the baby she is carrying, and while completely sober has no remorse for willingly damaging or wanting to willingly damage her baby?

Does it make her a useless waste of space?   Does it make her one of the lowest life forms on the planet?   Here’s a conversation I had on Facebook.   Precluding this about two weeks ago I invited the harlot over to chill, and for about two weeks she was wanting to come over and get hammered, even after I pointed out it wasn’t responsible or a cool thing to do, multiple times.

When you’re deliberately and willingly harming an unborn child… is that just irresponsible or is it child abuse just as if the baby were born?   Is the baby not a human being until its born? Does its human rights only exist once it is born?

Facebook argument about drinking alcohol while pregnant

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  1. Jacie says:

    Shes not only getting herself drunk shes getting her unborn baby drunk..terrible!

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