I miss America

Over the past ten years I’ve spent considerable time living in the U.S. There were a few hiccups but most of the time it was awesome. There’s simply no feeling equal to being a British bloke walking into a smalltown bar like in Delta, Utah where I lived… and hearing Alan Jackson singing ‘Pop a Top’, or Tracey Lawrence crooning ‘Time Marches On’… while blokes walk around with real Stetson hats and ropers. The kind of stuff I only saw in movies back in England.

Even now when I think about that day… getting completely drunk on Peach Schnapps and then going outside and barfing it up on the sidewalk it still gives me butterflies. It was awesome. I was happy. I had not a care in the world. I was finally in America.

I remember wearing all denim, with a stetson walking down Main Street.. I didn’t look too bad.

Now I live in Canada… even though I’ve had ten years of the ‘New world’ buzz… it still is awesome everytime I go across the border.

So I figured I’d put this awesome Youtube video on. Sit back, close your eyes and imagine a small town bar with an uneven warped wooden floor.. not much lighting, only one pool table… coupla rednecks sitting at the bar and one or two people with Yank accents floating around… and hopefully you’ll get the feeling I do.

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