I am convinced this guy was assassinated

Yeah so here it is – I’m absolutely convinced this hacker dude was assassinated.  Probably by the CIA or Mossad.

He was a top notch hacker and Barnaby was about to reveal how he could hack into someone’s pacemaker and kill them from 30 feet away.  Pretend you’re into wetwork.  What better way to eliminate a target than have them keel over in the street of an apparent heart attack?

This is the perfect tool with which to kill HVTs and I know that if I was part of some shadowy government organization – I’d eliminate anyone who would threaten as great a weapon as that. Aren’t I great at seeing through the web of lies and deceit?

If I turn up missing – just letting you guys know the CIA got me.

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  1. Keith says:


    Did the CIA get you?

    Been a while since you posted anything, hope all is OK.

    All the best.


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