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Woke up this morning feeling scummy because it’s so humid. Had a shower and ten minutes later felt scummy again. Did the usual routine of dropping Nicolas off at Rat Portage daycare and Alex off at the babysitter’s house.

Then went and cashed my cheque, washed my car and vacummed the inside reasonably well. Had to go to Fort Frances for work to meet with a client and instruct them on how to maintain a website using Dreamweaver. The person I taught learned what had to be done quite well considering the relatively short space of time. It was made less easy by the fact that the website isn’t even built yet so we had to use dummy files and pages. I think with maybe one more visit, they’ll have it down quite well.

On completely different note… I was very surprised today when I found out one person was fixing to leave their job, and their current boss knew about it and was perfectly fine and happy about it. There’s maybe one boss in one-thousand that would be so understanding and not terminate their employment immediately. It was just the cheerfulness of the boss that surprised me very much – refreshing of course, just very surprising.

I found out through a buddy of mine today that someone has been offered an obscene wad of cash to construct a website – not bigger than any of the websites I’ve done. For the amount of money, I could have done two websites and thrown in training if necessary and two years hosting. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more astonished since I’ve been in Canada. I just could not fathom how someone could spend that amount of money on the kind of website they needed. I could have done FAR better for FAR LESS money. I don’t know if angry is the right word… but ‘put out’ is probably the right phrase.

I’ve had to switch ring registration for Blackblogz to a self-hosted script. Ringsurf was completely pants and getting more pants everyday. I was getting 215+ emails a day which is a lot and it was bogging down my email server. I’ve set up my own ring software on www.blackblogz.com. It’s going to take a long time to convert all the existing Blackblogz members.

Despite being dog tired… I am actually quite happy. It was rather cool to see Alex smile this morning after she’d woken up when I took her into the babysitter’s house. I need a damn digital camera of at least 7Megapixels.

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