Graphic Creation

Mikey at work showed me a website which I loved – I’m half decent at graphics using Paintshop Pro OR Photoshop CS2 / Photoshop CS3. But I’m nowhere near this guy’s talent with icons.

I’ve dedicated some of my free time each day to fiddling with Photoshop to be able to make the gel/apple macintosh style icons. I can do a few on basic interfaces, and graphic buttons but it’d be sweet to be able to do that.

It’s all about doing gradients and having the foreground and background palette set to white-fade. Watch this space.

I was thinking about changing the template of my blog, but again… I’m not sure I want to. This layout is well nice – still larking about with different templates just for the fun of it.

I went to Frontline Games yesterday to have a quick mess about on Call of Duty 2. I ended up getting my arse kicked on an online game so I played these three guys on a network game. My score was up to 86 and the nearest on their side to my score was 16 so I was well happy about that.

On a related note… dere’s still a buncha fuckin’ arse’oles around town dat fink dat adult people ooo go to Frontline are pervs. Fuck ’em. I ain’t stopping going there for no-one.

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