Google Mail

I finally bowed down and followed the masses.   I host websites and my own so I could’ve given myself a bigger mailbox than Gmail if I’d wanted.   I purposely held out on having Gmail just because I wanted to control all aspects of my domain.

But after going through NUMEROUS spam problems I decided to integrate my email ‘’ through Gmail.   The spam filtering is hugely successful and the interface is fast.   Then the threaded way you can view emails, as well as awesome full text searching in your email alone makes it worth while using.

I like using folders to organise my emails, so when I first started using Gmail, I was a little perturbed that there was no function to create folders.   Instead to do folders in Google mail, you make a ‘label’ and apply the label to an email.   Then to move that email out of the inbox into the folder, you just click on ‘archive’.

I don’t like the fact that I cannot use my gmail account for my Adsense account which really sucks.

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