Google Desktop Finally

After waiting about two years I finally did some Google searching and found out that the greatest program on earth ‘Google Desktop’ is now fully available and working on Windows Vista 64bit.   I’d been using it for a few years on Windows XP, but when I got my current computer which I plan to keep for more than a few more years – I had to cease using Google Desktop because it wouldn’t index anything.

It’s an awesome program if you are like me and have tens of thousands of emails which you keep archived and over 17,000 mp3 files as well as hundreds of Microsoft Word Documents.   Regardless of operating system, there simply is no other method of way of searching files that is faster and more efficient than Google Desktop.

The only bug I can see so far is the indexed email count when viewing the Index Status.   Mine says 23 but I’ve about 3000 indexed.   It still indexes them and I can search all of them, but the count is wrong.

Aside from that?   I can’t live without it now – Windows Search simply sucks balls!

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