First Day At School

Today was a big milestone for Nicolas. He spent his first day at school. School started at 0845 and ended at 1520. His teacher is pretty nice. We sent him to Lakewood School instead of Mount Carmel because Mount Carmel’s a Catholic school. Students there are made to go to Mass, the teachers indoctrinate the students to believe that God and Jesus are the only real gods. In religious education there’s a complete concentration on Christianity and there’s no learning about other religions.

If my son grows up to become Christian then that’s his business, but I’m not going to have him unfairly influenced into Christianity like some of his cousins here already are. That’s the good side to Lakewood School… there’s no special religious biased. The down sides are the large majority of kids there are white (Nicolas’s class is evident of this). I’ve seen a lot of racism coming from very young children in this town and I’m afraid that Nicolas will experience it more in Lakewood School. Most of the native kids are getting sent to Mount Carmel. But at least Nicolas’s cousin Talia is in the same school and class, so at least they’ll have someone familiar there with them.

Packing Nicolas’s lunch was an ordeal… 3 sandwiches of bologna, 3 juice packs, 3 granola bars, an apple, banana, 1 fruit cup and 3 sugary snack packs. The locker space is meagre but he’ll have to learn to manage. I was more freaked out than Nicolas was… he just took it all in his stride.

Onto something else… today at work wasn’t good. I got very angry, and somewhat ‘hurt emotionally’ I guess is the correct phrase. The boss doesn’t appreciate my talents. I work extremely hard, and am ALWAYS willing to go that extra mile, always willing to do overtime, and always willing to go over and above.

I’ve been taking various photographs with my new Panasonic DMC-L27 camera. It’s got 7.2 megapixel resolution and a 1:2.8-4.5/6.1-36.6 Lumix lens. It takes very high quality photographs. The options are too numerous to count. Thought it was rather funny that it didn’t have an viewing hole though ha!

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