F-35? Budget constraints?

I’ve longed figured that money should not be a factor when it comes to protecting people.  There’s lots of people in the world who think that those who serve others and protect their safety should have an unlimited budget.

There’s a few countries that have been slated to purchase the new F-35 stealth fighter jet for their armed forces.  I know of Britain and Canada that wanted it.  Well now both countries seem to be balking at the price.

According to the Canadian Associate Minister of Defence the purchase of the sixty-five F-35 jets is still undecided. Julian Fantino said “We have not as yet discounted, the possibility, of course, of backing out of any of the program“.

The British government is now balking at the price of having a variant of the F-35 that basically mimics the Harrier Jump Jet capabilities.

What I’m wondering is why anybody is caring about the how much it costs.  Really… how much is a human life worth?  £100billion? £200billion? £300billion? How do you quantify the value of life. No amount of money can replace an innocent person murdered by terrorists.  Equipment is needed to protect ourselves so why would any normal human being take a chance at losing innocent people’s lives by being cheap with a military budget?  If you can answer that question, you are a more intelligent person than me. 


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