Three days ago after the woman went to play cards, I got a couple of my old Mp3 cd’s and cranked up the system.   Nicolas and myself danced solidly from 8pm to 12pm and it was the most fun I’d had in five years.   Nicolas was jumping up and down to each song that came on, with me copying him, and him playing the guitar with a plastic kids rake. His entire body from the waist up was bright red by the time the music had stopped.

I’d been on a bit of a downer again, so I figured I’d interact with Nicolas a little more than usual. It certainly worked because I was on a cloud for all of the next day.   Science says endorphins are supposed to make you happy…   dancing must release them because both my boy and I were having the time of our lives.   I used to think dancing was pointless, and to some degree it is… but if you’re feeling blue, don’t be a pig and go out and eat – go and dance with a child.   The glee in Nico’s smile was heartwarming.

Music’s got an extremely powerful effect on people – I know for sure with me.   It can bring out a whole range of emotions.   Some of the music I was playing made me wistfully   remember my youth, and made me wish I was 13 again.   I Think We’re Alone Now by Tiffany was one of them.   Chain Reaction by Diana Ross was another…   ahh the good old days.

Same ol’ shyt is still happening on the rez.   No better, no worse.   It’ll never change.   I did have a good insight from one of the teen girls on the reserve about hatred between the families.   It seems that a lot of young people think that certain families hate other families.   Sorry to break it to everyone, but it just isn’t like that.   Certain families just want to be left alone, without being talked about, or victimised in any way shape or form.     There’s no hatred or secret agenda to stick it to other families on the rez.   Hopefully one day Dalles will be a great place to live.

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