Different Stuff

Stuff is going as good as could be expected. I’m sitting here in the York Hotel in Winnipeg at the guest courtesy computer – it’s probably about minus fifty degrees with the windchill outside. COLD!

We went to get the amniotic fluid test on Friday, but the doctor said that the baby wasn’t ready to be delivered, so we have to wait until Tuesday probably. Baby had turned downward ready to be born, but for some strange reason turned back into the breach position.

A couple of days ago I offered to make a family website for one of my old friends, with no strings attached. She’d just had a very beautiful baby about a week ago, and I figured as do I, that most parents would love the chance to show off pictures of their children. She deleted her myspace.com profile right after that which made me wonder a little. Rhiannon – if you’re reading this, and it was because of me… I didn’t mean nothing by it, and I’m sorry if I freaked you out in any way. Wuz just trying to be nice.

I LOVE my job with a passion… website designing and developing is one place where I can create something that works and is of use to someone. But lately I’ve been getting extremely bummed out at work. I’m not really sure why either. It’s not affecting my work… but it is getting to me terribly.

Things are getting a WHOLE LOT better at home. Not really sure why but my lady’s freaking out far less… we’re not arguing anymore which is awesome. Hopefully this will last a long time 😀

I might have a daughter in two days! Yippee hooray!

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