Crowds of Flunkies

I’ve been posting messages about various subjects on   One of the subjects was regarding natives in the military.   I was trying to find very specific answers to specific aspects of that topic.   In short I don’t understand why any native would fight with the people who’d murdered their family.   There seemed to be a general consensus of people who said it’s about honour, feeding their families and protecting their homeland.   I tried to explain that natives joining the military has no affect on protecting the homeland because no war the U.S has been in has directly affected American land… except for WW2.   Of course, when I kept pressing the issue.. people became flustered and started getting personal instead of thinking it over and talking maturely.

Another topic was about circumcision of babies.   I keep trying to point out that circumcision of a baby boy is sexual assault.   Touching the baby is the assault… and because it’s his penis, it’s sexual assault.   I’m of the view, which is right and I don’t care what other people think – they are wrong – circumcision is barbaric and abhorrent.   Cultures that practice it need to be changed.   In my head mutilating a baby boy isn’t up for debate.   What riled me is that people were trying to make out that circumcising females is more barbaric.   I think those fucking idiots need to sit in an operating room and watch a baby boy be circumcised and hear him let out a bloodcurdling scream, and then act like cutting off bits of a baby’s body is okay.   I was deliberately trying to shame people on that board to show them the error of their ways.   I hope they all feel like shit for the rest of their lives.   Harming their sons for cosmetic reasons… or because they were too stupid to read up on circumcision and realise all that horsecrap about it’s healthier is BULLSHIT!

So here it is… if you are somebody who’s circumcised your son at birth I hope one day someone kidnaps you and chops your ears off.   You’re the worst kind of parent and sexual abuser.

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