Computer Foulups

I went to Kathy’s house yesterday and today.   Kathy was having problems with her Toshiba laptop being exceedingly slow.   Apparently it’s already been replaced four times due to overheating.   Now she has to keep it on a metal rack, on top of this piece of metal so the air can circulate underneath it.

I got onto the computer and started to uninstall many of the stupid pc cleanup programs that had been downloaded, as well as some unused programs.   There was one program called MyWebSearch or something similar to that, that kept popping up refusing registry changes. So I went about uninstalling that.

Kathy continued using her computer and turned it off before she went to sleep.   Upon turning it on in the morning her keyboard wouldn’t work and half of her programs had disappeared.

I went around there and connected that laptop to Amber’s laptop with a network cable and copied all of the remaining files that Kathy wanted over.   Did the whole restore disc thing and got the computer back to its decent stage.

One program I’ve found increasingly useful is Spybot.   It’s half decent at finding spyware, but the part of it I’ve come to love is the system settings protection thing.   I’m sure there’s other programs out there that do that, but I just like Spybot’s capabilities in that area.   Any   registry changes have to be approved/prevented via an automatic popup from Spybot.   Very effective.   I installed that, as well as AVG Free Antivirus.   I had to explain to Kathy that having Norton Antivirus 2004 and not keeping it updated is worse than having a free fully updated antivirus.   I’m going to go around there either tomorrow or Saturday and install Ad-Aware 2007, and the drivers for her printer.   Getting her to keep to a schedule of scanning for spyware and virii will be the hard part.   Getting her to not allow her children on there will be even harder.

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