British soldier does the biz!

It takes a real soldier to do this sort of stuff…

A soldier from Selby has been awarded the Military Cross – the third-highest gallantry award – for his bravery during a Taliban ambush in Afghanistan.

L/Cpl Cpl Colin Spooner, 22, of the 2nd Battalion, The Princess of Wales’ Royal Regiment, suffered extensive shrapnel wounds in the attack last October.

Despite intense pain, he continued giving orders and refused a stretcher as it would be a drain on manpower.

The Army said he had shown “exemplary leadership and courage”.

L/Cpl Spooner was leading a patrol in Helmand when they came under attack by about 40 Taliban fighters armed with rocket-propelled grenades and machine guns.

As he ran back and forth across an exposed compound to relay messages to his comrades, a shell exploded directly behind him.

He was thrown into the air and suffered 32 shrapnel wounds.

Receiving his award at a ceremony in Plymouth on Thursday, L/Cpl Spooner said: “One of my mates came out , dragged me back into cover and gave me medical attention.

“Due to the amount of fire that was coming it would have taken four blokes to carry me so I took it upon myself to walk as much as I could so those four blokes could carry on fighting.”

He said he was “very proud” to receive the Military Cross, but was also proud of his regiment and the support they had given him.

“My mum was overwhelmed [by the award],” he said.

“My mum cried. My dad shed a little tear.”

A Ministry of Defence spokesman said: “Spooner’s decisive action, exemplary leadership and courage as Section Commander with B Company Group contributed enormously to the successful outcome of a difficult situation.

“His outstanding contribution took place despite extraordinarily dangerous circumstances and the pain that resulted from the extensive shrapnel wounds he had incurred.”

Makes me proud to be British seeing our boys step up and open a can of whoop ass on those murdering fucks!

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  1. taylor says:

    It seems to me that those ‘murdering fucks’ are doing nothing more than the ‘natives’ are doing.
    Using violence to remove ‘colonialists’.

    You are a hypocrite!!!

  2. Ryan Paul says:

    I could have gone into a very detailed spiel, but I will refrain – aside from saying to compare natives with legitimate grievances against the government to a bunch of child murdering terrorists shows you for exactly what you are…

    an insignificant racist…

  3. Steve says:

    I would like to extend my personal thanks to all the britsih servcie members and their families who have sacrifieced so much in recent years. We in the U.S. acknowledge and are thankful for their service. From Bella woods to Normandy to the current operation, we Americans have always known that the british soldier was at our side.
    Politicians come and go, but the shared experiences of the fighting men and women of our respective armed forces endures.

    So as a retired soldier, I salute you who serve, those who have served and the families of any fallen heroes which have been left to carry on without them.

  4. taylor says:

    You don’t seem to get the point.
    Whilst i admire any man willing to serve in the forces (it takes a huge amount of courage), the Afghans have a right to decide their own destiny without outside forces as much as you believe the ‘Natives’ have a right to self determination.

    Therefore you are a hypocrite!

    Personally i believe any threat to civilised society should be destroyed instantly.
    That includes the Taliban and the ‘Natives’.

  5. Steve says:

    The key word I guess is civilized. You have to define what is civilized. We in the west far too often project our surroundings, comforts and quality of life onto others. If you believe on one hand that the Afhgan people should be left to their own devices, then you cannot come back on the other and demand that they need food, clothing, shelter, water and other things we deem to be essentials.

    The problem with far too many socialist and left leaning people is that they want a certain group of people left alone until some celebrity or political figure decries the “suffering” of those same people. If you do not support use of force for the national interests of your counry or mine , that is one thing. If that is your contention, then the appraoch should be total hands off, no aid, no medicines, nothing.

  6. taylor says:

    I agree Steve.
    And that should also include the Natives.
    Stop giving them handouts and tax breaks NOW!

  7. Ryan Paul says:

    Firstly Taylor… the Afghans do NOT have the right to allow their country to become a terrorist training camp. Secondly, they DO have the right to ask foreign countries for military assistance in dealing with the Taliban.

    Why should Natives not be given the tax breaks? They’ve a right guaranteed by the United Nations to self determination and sovereignty. Forcing tax upon another nation of people is what you’re advocating.

    Give them back what they’ve lost and they’d gladly refuse anymore government interaction.

    You know nothing of EITHER subjects you’re talking about here.

  8. Taylor says:


    Independant countries have the right to do what they wish on their own land.
    However, if that includes terrorist camps then they can expect retribution from countries affected by those terrorists.
    That was achieved by removing Al-Qaeda from Afghanistan. What is happening now in Afghanistan is that the West wants to stop an ultra islamic government taking over Afghanistan again.
    That is unacceptable.
    They have no right to interfere with another country’s affairs.
    If this was really about terrorists then Pakistan would be invaded as that is where they are hiding.
    This is nothing but western arrogance and politics and is causing soldiers to die there needlessly.

    As for the Natives.
    When are they going to stop this ‘poor me’ crap and have some pride.
    It is exactly this stupid ‘I was here first’ crap that keeps the Palestine problem going and spawns hatred from people like Bin Laden.

    So the Natives emigrated to America from Asia a few thousand years before Europeans did.
    So what!!!!
    Humans have constantly moved from land to land throughout history. That is simply human nature. People have conquered lands from other people since time began.
    This is no excuse for being beggars and constant complainers.

    Natives could have waged war on the Europeans to protect their lands and some tried.
    But they LOST!!!!!
    They were weaker and thus lost.
    Now they want it all back???
    That’s hilarious. You lost live with it!!!

  9. Ryan Paul says:

    You’re obviously an antagonist with little semblance of a real life so I shall try to exercise patience with your clear lack of intelligence.

    This ‘poor me’ crap that you speak of is something you’ll never comprehend because you’re not native and haven’t had to deal with the daily struggles and prejudice Natives receive from assholes like yourself. My children are native and I’ve not once heard them say ‘poor me’. I have witnessed with my own eyes them being treated differently because of their race.

    Your words carry little weight when it comes to Aboriginal people – you’ve almost certainly never lived on a reserve, or hung around with Native people to see for your own eyes how your kind treats them.

    As for Afghanistan… we absolutely do have a right to interfere. They allowed their country to become a haven for terrorists. We have a right to intervene to protect our own citizens. When Afghanistan’s previous ruling party allows the inhabitants of their country to attack another country, then the attacked country has every right to defend itself. The foreign troops in Afghanistan are there at the invite and leave of the Afghan government. Like it or not – that’s a fact.

    If you think Al Qaeda is removed from Afghanistan then you’re even more uneducated than I suspected. Just what in the fuck do you think will happen if a hardline islamic government gets back in power in Afghanistan? Are you really stupid enough to think they’ll keep out people they see as holy warriors, when in reality are just murdering thugs?

    It’s easy for you to sit on your little soapbox far from the fighting. It wouldn’t be so easy if you were man enough to join the military and fight to protect our citizens and freedoms.

  10. taylor says:

    Does that include protecting our citizens and freedom from attacks from Natives?
    I suspect not.
    You are a 5th columnist!

  11. Ryan Paul says:

    After a comment like that I am completely convinced you are nothing but a racist twit.

    When have Natives ever attacked you?

    The last major battles between Aboriginal people and white people in this country were well over a hundred years ago you dumb fuck!

  12. taylor says:

    Why don’t you come live in Caledonia and then tell me Natives haven’t attacked white people!

  13. Ryan Paul says:

    Now that says a lot, mentioning living in Caledonia.

    Back them up – get your officials to fix the wrongs your people have done to them and everything will be fine!

    If white Caledonians weren’t hostile towards Six Nations, then it would be reciprocated.

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