Bloggers Unite For Human Rights

For once I actually read a group email from a website… not really sure why this one. Obviously my sub-field of interest in human rights is Canada’s continual and every day abuse of native people’s human rights. According to the which was adopted by the U.N on the 14th of December, 1960 it constitutes a denial of fundamental human rights to subject a people to subjugation, domination and exploitation.

Could someone please tell me how Canada is NOT dominating First Nations people please? Now, I’m not stupid and know that all non-native people cannot simply just ‘leave’. I’m not sure most Native people are advocating that either.

It’s my opinion that most natives realise that non-natives will never be gone, and would rather have the Federal government grant First Nations people their basic human rights to full and complete self governance and determination.

Canada’s treatment of First Nation’s people is very similar to how the Chinese are treating the Tibetans. Lording it over them with superior numbers and firepower, and robbing them of their basic rights to determine their own destiny.

It’s time the world concentrated more on the human rights abuses committed daily all over the United States and Canada. There’s a native prophecy regarding ‘seven generations’. We are in the seventh generation now, and now is the time when North America’s indigenous youth will “rise up and fight for their inherent rights and re-affirm their sacred responsibility to protect Mother Earth“. Read more about Seven Generations Prophecy.

It’s important to protect the human rights of indigenous people because once a government realises history has forgotten or pushed these abuses under the rug permanently, there will be nothing to stop the government abusing other sorts of rights.   It will start to see the lack of interest as historical permission to do what it likes.

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