Blog Writing

The last couple of days have been blank in my blog obviously.   This is mainly due to having no inspiration.   I’ll log in, click on ‘Write Post’ and then my head will go blank.

I found the 25 free visits coupon to Kenora Recreation Centre so that’ll save me a few bucks.

Spent the day at home with my son and daughter.   It was pretty cool.   Alex has a fever which has been around for about four days.

I took Nicolas and Alex to Bailey’s house.   I was installing some programs and configuring a few little things on her laptop.   She’s got Windows Vista.   Although I’m not a fan of the whole permissions thing when it comes to installing on Windows Vista it wasn’t that bad to be perfectly honest.   I won’t be switching to Windows Vista for quite a few years yet, but I admit I may have been a LITTLE hasty with my judgement of Vista.

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