Black people

Nobody is in any doubt that the po-po in London racially profile black folk and consistently stop and search black people more than any other race.   In a perfect society where everybody was law abiding, then this would be unnecessary and blatantly out of line.   There’s a problem though… I took a few moments to think about all the black / mixed race people I know in London, and probably around 70% of them smoke weed, or hash and have no moral issue with that.

What’s the problem with that?   It’s indicative of the fact that there is a huge problem in the black community with abiding by the law.   Why single out black folk in this post?   Because black folk get a raw deal already, and are under constant vigilance by British society in general.   Like it or not – each and every black person in a white dominated society such as Britain, is a representative for their race.   When one black person commits a crime, such as in the photo accompanying this story of the 2011 London Riots, white society will use things like this to reinforce their incorrect and bigoted racial stereotypes that all black people are criminals.

The way to solve it?   Don’t whine about the cops racially profiling – instead put all your energies towards beating the system legally by not standing for your mates who are breaking the law by smoking narcotics, or dealing illegal substances, or handling stolen goods etc.

The United Kingdom is very similar to Canada in the respect that regardless of government initatives, immigration etc… the majority of British born white folk are at heart a bunch of closet racists, and it will always be that way.   It’s a white Anglo-saxon country and the people want to keep it that way.   So black folk are never going to gain more respect by protesting against police actions.

The only way forward is for black folk to beat the inherent prejudice in Britain’s society, institutions, culture, ethos, schools, employers, police and judiciary by becoming better than they are.   In the same way female soldiers or police officers need to be twice as good as their male counterparts, black folk need to be twice as good as their white counterparts.   This can be achieved by going to school, then to college, then to University… and ending up as respected politicians, philanthropists, scientists, doctors, emergency service workers, multi-millionaire business owners, etc.   Beat them at their own game – don’t reinforce their negative stereotypes by breaking the law.

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  1. Justreal says:

    u need to keep better company when u come over here then Hun-as I’m a few decades older-actualltu live here & used to actually smoke ’nuff weed  & i know u never & yet 70- 80 % of the folks I know straight up don’t smoke weed/take any form of  drugs…hear u on the need for a better example…thing is..many of them saw there grandparents example of living correctly & being twice as good to even be considered on the same playing field & IT STILL GOT THEM PRACTICA:LLY NOWHERE..grades don’t count for ‘nish in the brotherhood or with nepotism..the further education you talked about just made everything more evident even earlier…besides loads of those riots were allowed to get out of hand & in pure white poverty spots too.. For example -major polce cuts were in the pipeline-yr niece was working in the playshemes in Hackney.All the schools were told to let the children go home at 1pm as they  couldn’t afford to not act if little kids might get hurt- as she proceeced to come home around twoish she saw the old bill purposefully  hold back as the ‘people’ began to gather prior to looting & in the first lootings…hmmm… guess theres weren’t enough camera crews about…or enough carnage to make their claim for under resourcing have enough weight yet… making no effort to contain them til the streets became more full  & major damage was done to areas they don’t give a toss about-then when it inevitably got dire & NOW major news coverage they were able to claim lack of resources & man power & guess what happened to the proposed man power cuts…financial chess was at play & as usual the poor & dis-illusioned were the expendable pawns…

  2. Justreal says:

    oops-should be #their grandparents- & saw a  couple of other typo’s but u get the gist-hope u good btw

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