Being off work and looking ahead

Melalex was sick and had to stay out of daycare all week so I had to stay off work to look after her.   That’ll definitely hit the pay cheque real hard this period.

I officially now have three friends in Canada.   One is a very close friend, and the other are standard rank-and-file friends hahahaha.

I was speaking to a buddy of my boss last night, and he was mentioning I should grow my hair into an afro again to try and do the Lenny Kravitz look.   He said it would get me more women.   I told him that I’m just not interested in looking for women at this point in life.   He laughed at me.   I think the afro made someone smile yesterday which was awesome considering this person hasn’t been smiling much lately.

If you read back through my last twenty blogs or so… you’ll see I’ve been on a an extremely negative downer for the last month. Suffice to say its cause is I was told something I didn’t want to hear.   It has had a very bad effect upon me which literally might take decades to fix.   I’ve found that if I just try to ignore or don’t think about this ‘something’, then I’m usually fine.   Of course, in quiet times at home the thought of this something comes back, and the depression sinks back in.   It’s all good though coz I’ve been dealing with emotional upheavals for most of my life.   Only difference with this one is it’ll last.

I got into a car crash last week.   I was at the top of a hill that was entirely covered in ice.   I wasn’t going any faster than about 5km because I slowed down when I got to the top.   I was sliding down the hill and saw an F150 about to turn left towards me.   I slid across into the other lane and hit a snowbank, and the F150 crashed into my Matrix.   The whole passenger side of my car is mangled.   No charges were laid by the police because of the road conditions   but what really sucks now is even if I do NOT claim for the damage, my insurance is going to go up by $83   to $239 per month. Insurance companies do not take into account road conditions REGARDLESS of the conditions.   It’s considered an ‘at fault’ on my record which will stay with me wherever I get insurance for the next six years.   STUPID STUPID STUPID!   So now my car got towed to the repair shop, and I’m driving a brand new Yaris with NO traction whatsoever.   Combined with the damage from when the deer hit me, getting my car fixed is going to cost me $800, and the insurance company somewhere in the region of $7000 for the two incidents.   Good! I hope it makes them choke.   If it were up to me, I’d get the repair store to double their prices.   Insurance companies are all a bunch of thieving brigands.

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