Being a little put out

I went into the bar last night to look for my boss to see what he was doing, and literally on the way in the bar, a friend was standing on the doorstep who invited me in.   So I paid five dollars for which I wasn’t sure why until I went further in the bar: a bunch of male strippers.   Gross!

So I went into the bar and sat down in a corner away from the huge crowd of women.   I left after about twenty minutes to go back to work because I’m just not into seeing a bunch of halfassed dancers waving their tackle in the faces of a group of women.   I stayed at work for a while and then went into Hap’s to make sure that my friend and her friend got home safely.   I saw another friend of mine in there for about ninety seconds after which the second friend left a group of friends and just disappeared.

So I ended up searching for a couple of hours for the second friend because I was concerned for that friend’s safety.   I did make a big error in judgement in calling that friend’s house very late because I was worried – needless to say that will never happen again.

I ended up giving the first friend, a friend of that friend and three others a ride back to the first friend’s house.

I also gave some drunk woman a ride as she looked in bad shape… as it turned out she can’t have been in that bad shape because she just wanted to back to Hap’s.   I then gave ANOTHER guy and a girl a ride home, and that girl left her identification in my car.   So I have to figure out how to get those back to her.

What put me out a bit was the second friend assumed I was in the bar because that friend was there.   It was so unbelievably wrong it just was not funny, where normally it would have been.   I don’t like it when people assume things about me, especially when they’re wrong.     I did say I was very very sorry for calling that friend’s house to make sure that friend was alright, but it didn’t seem to have an effect.

This isn’t the first time that people have misconstrued my actions.   For instance, I text messaged the second friend in a completely unrelated incident, and that friend COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY misunderstood what I was trying to communicate and called me asking if that friend would need to call the police in case I was a psycho or something like that.   That made me a little put out too!

Am I articulate?   Maybe not.   Do I have the best intentions at heart? FUCKING RIGHT I DO!

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