Bastards. Complete Bastards.

Usually I can come up with decent subjects or stuff to show people on my blog.  It’s not often that I feel so gutted and low that I have no desire to blog about anything other than the way I feel.

There’s a genocide brewing in Iraq on Mount Sinjar with thousands of a minority group surrounded by terrorist bastards from the Islamic State group, and all the U.S can do is commit air strikes and do aid drops with parachutes which shatter when they hit the ground.

Let’s face the fucking facts – the U.S, France, Britain, and to a lesser extent Canada could all band together and end this bullshit in a couple of weeks.  But they won’t because it would cost more money.  Non stop carpet bombing of all Islamic State terrorist held areas until there were no signs of life would help.  Parking a battle group in the mediterranean off the coast of Haifa, and send another battle group up the Persian Gulf would allow America to send almost non-stop bombing missions. Why aren’t they doing it?  Logistics?  I don’t know all the facts?  BULLSHIT!  It’s complacency.

A battle group usually has 65 F18 Hornets – each of those can carry 13,700lbs of weapons.  So a battle group near Haifa, and one in the Persian Gulf could drop 1,781,000 lbs of ordinance on those religious extremists head and send them all straight to hell.  But will that happen?  Of course not.  Always got to remember the budget is more important than people’s lives.

Just like the Canadian government stood by in Rwanda and let nearly a million people be murdered by preventing Lt Gen Dallaire from doing anything… the same thing is happening with America and the Yazidi people on Mount Sinjar.

Arming the Kurdish fighters, commonly known as the Peshmerga, would also help but nobody will do that because 1. It might look bad.  2. They’re scared the PKK might get the arms. 3. Nobody wants to take the responsibility.

I’m past caring about the reparations of my blog anymore.  If I didn’t have children to care for, I might be in the middle of a desert saving innocent people’s lives.  They’re a group with a history of stability.. no links to militants, no extremist tendencies and for all intents and purposes completely normal army even if they aren’t a national army yet.

As it happens I have to sit back and be content with hating you all for not caring enough to speak out, or not caring enough to study and post statuses on Facebook, or not caring enough to write to your government urging them to help.


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