Basil Williams-Rigby

I recently searched on Google for the name of a staff member at Nugent House where I used to live in Billinge, St. Helens. His name was Basil Williams-Rigby. I knew there was allegations against him which I never for one second believed… but I only just found out that he was accused of sexually molesting multiple boys in one of the homes he used to work in. Originally sentenced to twelve years, Mr Rigby spent three years in jail.

An article in The Telegraph details how Mr Rigby appealed, judges ruled that the conviction was unsafe and he was released. It’s a sad day for Britain when someone like Mr Rigby can get sent to jail for something he didn’t do.

He was the staff member in the house I used to live in. In all the years I was there, not one single time did I EVER see or feel anything even remotely inappropriate – there’s no way it could have happened at Nugent House, so what’s up with those bogus allegations.

Suffice to say I am very very happy that Mr Rigby was released, and I hope he sues the living fuck out of Merseyside Police, the Crown Prosecution Service and anyone else who conspired against him. The prosecutor should be held personally liable as should the investigating detective. Aside from having everything taken from them, auctioned and the proceeds to Mr Rigby, those fuckers should be prosecuted for criminal activity of some sort. We simply can’t allow the system to get away with depriving decent people of their reputation, dignity and above all their liberty. I’m gutted that that happened to someone I knew and respected.

Most of the staff at Nugent House were bastards… the headmaster ‘Mr Mills’ was awesome, as was Mrs Lowe, Mr Moogan, Mr Atcheson, Mr Parker, Mrs Rice and the one and only Mr Mullins. There were a few others who made the time away from my family whilst I was at Nugent House School bearable… I’ll holler once I remember them.

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  1. brian strickland says:

    your a fucking prick..that bastard deserved everything he got..the bent bastard

  2. Ryan Paul says:

    I’m sorry but I fail to see how he got everything he deserved.

    Didn’t he get acquited? Didn’t a panel of judges rule the conviction was unsafe?

  3. Jonjo says:

    I atteneded Nugent House, and Basil Rigby was one of the best staff there. He never did anything wrong

  4. Ben says:

    Firstly I’d like to say I find it hard that such a good man could of been jailed for something like that as the years I spent with him I had nothing but admiration for him I met his daughters his wife when we went out I’d sometimes find myself sitting with his family watching Dallas or dynasty.i never felt any awkwardness around him or ever felt threatened in any way…I’m also saddened to hear he passed away I just hope the allegations that have hung over him was well and truly past him
    RIP Mr Rigby
    Your friend
    Benji Mc Donnell

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