Banned from Hostgator’s forums

I used to frequent Hostgator’s support forum until a couple of days after .

I recently had a bit of an issue with their support forum which got me banned from there.   There’s a core group of forum regulars that revel in ridiculing and belittling other forum users that post negative reviews or posts about Hostgator… in a way that the regular crowd doesn’t like.   Every forum has a group like that… and very often I would be trying to tell them to stop calling people idiots.   I’d post often in the Off Topic forums about a variety of subjects… but a few times I was told to steer clear of a few subjects such as politics, religion etc.   It irritated me that others were allowed to post about these subjects without the regular crowd jumping on them and harassing them.   It was probably because of my writing style – I see no point in beating around the bush.   I prefer to be direct and let people take my views whichever way they want.

Anyways… cut a long story short, I wrote .   One of those regulars saw it and posted a message on HG forum about it, in what seemed like an attempt to get people to gang up on me.   Somebody in disrespected me so I responded in kind.   That was the final incident and Brent ordered me banned from the forum.

I’m not harbouring any resentment towards Hostgator… I just wish they’d either cracked down on people insulting others, or cracked down equally on everyone who was being disrespectful, facetious or antagonistic and not just me.

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