Bad dreams and lightning

Last night’s dreams weren’t cool.   First dream I was in someone’s house way out in the sticks with a friend.   The friend somehow knew there were vampires in the house   partying… so I somehow acquired the ability to fly. I took off quite difficultly and was about 50 feet above the house when they came flying out, brought me down and killed me.   I woke up kinda sweating.

The other dream is I was cooking in my house with my friend Mandy and two of her friends.   Her boyfriend came and grabbed my hand on the frying pan and pushed me away saying he had it.   I tried pushing him away but in the dream he was real strong, so I bashed him over the head with the frying pan and continued beating him till he was bleeding and unconscious on floor.

Something happened to me yesterday and it really sucked.   Almost exactly the same thing happened to me last year at exactly the same time.   You know that metaphor ‘lightning never strikes the same place twice’ ?   Well that’s fucking bullshit because it damn well did for me.   I like to think I’m a decent enough person to people who are decent to me… but I’m about sick of being fucked over for being nice.

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