Attention Kenora: A world exists outside of North America!

Sitting at home in the early hours of the morning I was talking to my brother which got me thinking about South Africa and the issues surrounding Apartheid.   So obviously I started listening to music from one of the greatest movies I have ever seen – ‘The Power of One (Widescreen)‘.

I’d be willing to bet that out of the 15,500 people in Kenora someone would be lucky to find 100 people who’ve heard the music from the movie, much less than that people who would appreciate the musical talent, and even less than that actually like the music.

That in turn  got me thinking about something on a larger scale that seems to be an endemic problem within Kenora.   There are exceptions to this rule, but for the most part people in Kenora seem to think that ‘getting out of Kenora’ means moving to Toronto.   I hate the fact that I don’t know many people who TRULY grasp the concept that there is a huge wide world out there beyond the shores of North America.   For those who realise it… there aren’t many who have the desire or will to travel and see new things; and for those that have that desire – they do nothing about putting it into practice.

I wish I could grab twenty random people off the streets in Kenora and dump them in the middle of the Serengeti, 1000 miles from civilisation,  with only a poncho, knife and a hunting rifle.

Since I was about eight years old I’ve had a yearning to take a flight to a random city on the African continent and spend a few years travelling all over the place, finally ending up somewhere like the jungles of Congo, or the plains of the Serengeti.   I almost did before I came to Canada and now I probably will never go – because I know if I did go I would stay there and never come back.   That sucks 🙁

I can understand people having studied about distant lands and not been able to travel because of sickness or children etc… but to not have the will to see the wider world makes me want to scream.   Small-town minded dumb fucks!

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  1. Gboyinktown says:

    if your so fucking worldly and have extensivley traveled what the hell would attract someone like you to a  dumb little racist  red neck town like kenora?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I had children and had to stay.

  3. kenora sucks dick says:

    I hate Kenora too!!

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