Arnold Schwarzenegger

I used to idolise Arnie back when he made movies. Then when I found out his old man was a member of the Nazi Party I disliked him.   I then disliked him even more after he refused clemency for Tookie Williams (who I used to think was innocent of the crimes for which he was being executed).

But since he became Governor of California my admiration for him has shot through the roof.   Contrary to popular opinion he isn’t a muscle-bound meathead but is extremely intelligent. Check out the following Youtube video of him speaking at CSULB:

[youtubeframe url=”VDm1g4zw8Hs”]

The thing that’s given me the most admiration for him is his willingness to go against the previous White House adminstration on various issues about greenhouse gas emissions. He’s also converted a Humvee he owns to use Hydrogen which apparently cost him $21,000 for the conversion.

[youtubeframe url=”5V3Te4rA7Ok”]

Check out this story about the California Hydrogen Highway Network initiative.

I don’t see many other politicians around the world putting words about the environment into action like Arnie is.

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