Army to lose 17 units amid job cuts

Apparently the British Army is going to have it’s numbers cut by 20,000 by 2020, according to BBC News.  During a session of Parliament, British Defence Secretary announced the scrapping of four infantry battalions and two sections in the Armoured Corps.

But the good news? The Territorial Army is raising its numbers by 15,000 hahaha.  Thing is… where do they propose to get these extra 15,000 part time troops?  From the 20,000 they just fired?  Imagine one day your boss says to you:

Hey mate, we appreciate you putting your life on the line for your country, but you’re fired.  The good news, you can come back and work one day a week though.  Happy?

Although I won’t express an opinion on the wisdom of these  decisions – I will say that I don’t think these decisions are going to improve morale in the British Army. Jonathon Beale, the BBC Defence Correspondant, says:

The Defence Secretary Phillip Hammond has conceded that morale in the Army is “fragile”. The scrapping of 17 units will not help. Nor will two more rounds of redundancies in the Army still to be announced.

The next few years will involve a lot more pain. But the chief of the general staff does now at least have a clear sense of direction. The Army of 2020 will be smaller and more reliant on reservists.

But there’s the promise that troops will be well equipped and properly trained.

There are still many unanswered questions. How will they double the number of reservists? How can the government persuade individuals and their employers to give up even more time?

Without those reservists the plan simply won’t work

The funniest part of this news story – are some of the what seeem to be sarcastic comments on the story.  I picked out a few for your viewing pleasure:

cantonboycardiff writes:

Dear soldiers with life changing injuries which is everything from amputations to blindness and brain injuries, we’re sacking you all after promising you jobs for life and now we’re going to deny you DLA as you have adapted to prosthetics and force you with PTSD on to JSA and make no exceptions.
thanks for your service

Jack Napier wrote:

Dear soldiers,

Thank you for all your recent hard work & sacrifice in the recent conflicts in Iraq & Afghanistan.

As a reward for your efforts, it has been decided that as a reward for your efforts not only will the state continue not to provide adequate after-care for your physical & mental injuries, we will also be making large numbers of you unemployed.

Kind regards

Nick & Dave.

Bill Walker pointed out a quote from Napoleon Bonaparte:

“The country that does not respect its own army will one day learn to respect someone else’s”

superal1966 said it quite bluntly:

To be honest I will be surprised if we have any public services left by 2015.

This Government clearly consists of the Eton School Boys who were too stupid to make it in the world of Investment Banking.

The are cutting all across the board; NHS, Police, the Welfare State, the Armed Forces and so on without really having any clue of the impacts of their decisions.

I’m quite certain that people other than myself  think that one of the main things that is creating low morale, and animosity and resentment towards the government is the fact that British soldiers and citizens are being affected by  EU legislation, which is due to come into force in 2015, that would cut redundant pay entitlements for soldiers to just three months, a six month drop.

Obviously I can’t express an opinion – but I’d love to hear other people’s opinions on whether it’s right or not that British citizens are having their entire lives turned upside down because of a law system that isn’t British.

I’m also sure other people think it’s ironic that if you look at the photo above of the Defence Secretary with a wreath, he appears to be honouring previous sacrifices by soldiers, and then honours 20,000 current soldiers sacrifices by firing them.

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