Are you serious?

Recently met a mate (now an ex-mate) and was breaking his balls, as I always did in the past, and thought nothing of it.   Got a few nasty texts a while later – isn’t it strange how a few well placed words can hurt, or make a guy feel as low as a dog, far more than any act of physical force? Seems the mate didn’t get I was joking as I always did before.   That really sucks because I lost a mate 🙁   Eight years wasn’t long enough to get my different sense of humour. Fuck, I wanna go sleep and not wake up.

On a different subject and situation… I’ve taken precautions to ensure the safety of myself and/or my loved ones in Kenora in the event of an attack.   I’ve been putting together a plan for self-preservation for the last year and finally gained the tool I need to mount an effective defence.   I hope I don’t have to mount that defence.

I’m starting to see why outsiders all hate this town.   Funny thing is, well actually it’s not funny… it’s just plain sad, is that people from here hate this place but never PERMANENTLY move away.   Someone I don’t like once said “I’m glad people from Kenora talk about me, because that means I’m not like the people here”.   I don’t think anyone ever said a truer phrase.

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