Apple Macs suck

Recently I’ve been having a semi-debate with a friend of my sister’s on Facebook about Apple Macintosh computers.   I followed the debate up by having a laugh at the Get A Mac advertisements on television.   I have to give Apple their dues… those ads are side splittingly hilarious!   So obviously I started to look for anti-Mac ads.   I came across this one…

One of the funnier things are some of the comments on Youtube…

another thing you cant do if you own a mac is shut the fuck up about why your machine is better. it’s actually only a better machine if you’re a hippy making collages of flowers. A friend of mine told me that he’s going to buy a mac and just put vista on it, so he wins twice. except macs are probably more expensive than a custom computer with more power than a mac? can even compute without crashing.

If you’re a fucking retard than a mac is for you, because it has all those pretty buttons and ‘easy’ to? use interfaces, but what people don’t realize is that they’re pieces of shit. They freeze up all the time, all they can do is edit photos and videos and they cause a shit load of money. You can get can a normal mac desktop for like $2000 while you can get a decked out pc for like $800-$1000. Overall fuck off macs.

Haha..i totally agree with what all of you say. This shit is so gay how mac people think they are god. Face the facts….MACS SUCK. i love it when my neighbors mac locks up..and he calls me over to fix it. Yeh..and the nice HP next to him is happily working while my best friend is laughing at his dad with his garbage imac. YAY PC…btw W 7..same thing as vista..its Vista SP2.. but cuz vista has a bad name…ppl like? 7 better…same thing..Vistas are good…as long as u no what to fix

PC= easy? and fun
MAC= hard and ‘fun’ and expensive and slow and crossover and errors and no downloading crap and no fucking right clicking and the fucking speak function that won’t shut the fuck up and shit and crap and bullcrap and shitty piece of shit and some more shit!

And PCs= simple.

So there I was looking at the Mac Pro. Sure was expensive,? but the site said it was so powerful! Then I realized I was using a PC vastly more powerful than that, and that combined with my printer, scanner, monitor and all other accessories had come out to cost less than half the basic price of the Mac Pro!

That sure is some Apple Tax!

Apple: A tax on the ignorant.

Here’s a funny video entitled ‘Mac morons can’t talk without using their hands’…

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