Another Tiresome Day

Today was alright at work…

Worked all day slicing up images for one outfitter’s website.   It’s tiring doing that.

Stuff is still pretty much the same at home – there was a real turbulent patch a couple of weeks ago… still is turbulent. Pregnant women can be extremely difficult to live with sometimes hahahahaha!   Can’t wait… I could have a daughter as early as a week Monday.   Amniotic fluid test is on Friday… depending on what the doctors say, the Monday after that could be the day.

Before I came to Overdrive, I was a beginner at PHP… I’m at a mid-intermediate level right now.   I can sometimes fix programs that have broken, and can write a few very small php snippets to aid in website building and functionality.   I’d love to go to school to learn php programming, but there’s noone around here that can teach it that I know of.

About a week ago I got four new GT Champiro 128 tyres for my Toyota Matrix.   I had to buy all four instead of just two because it’s All Wheel Drive.   The traction was 100% completely shitty.   I mean, bare F1 tyres would have had more traction.   These were labelled as All-Season tyres but I could barely stay on the road – nearly broadsided a Dodge RAM coming out of McDonalds.   So I went back to Northern Tire and Auto Service in Kenora, and Dave (the guy who owns it) was great about it… called up his representative who wasn’t happy about the returned tyres.   I paid an extra $80 and got Hancook’s.   THEY’RE AWESOME! Almost like having winter tyres.   I love my car.   I’ll post a picture of it tomorrow if I can.
It’s going to be -35 degrees tomorrow apparently which will really suck!

I did my first Youtube video blog, where I basically talked crap about nothing in particular.   I think I’m going to make it a regular slot doing that. Seems fun to be able to vent, rant and rave about anything and have people watch it.

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