Another forum, another group of flunkies

I now firmly believe that on every forum there is a core group of flunkies that simply cannot help themselves and have to constantly make some sort of dig at people, when others in that core group of flunkies do.

For instance, one user says several users already consider me undesirable. I’m soooo disappointed. It bothered me that he took it upon himself to be the voice of the silent, until I realised that he’s biased and so I’ll take his opinion with a pinch of salt. Looking at some of the people on his friend’s list, I’m definitely not surprised.

For instance… there was one thread about women and careers. I was trying to point out the males and females have been genetically programmed over the last 5000 years to fulfill particular roles in a family, and changing that in 100 years just isn’t going to happen.

In trying to state the facts, a few irritating little pissants assumed that I thought women working wasn’t a good thing… simply because I didn’t state that. They assumed so they gained my contempt.

In another post… someone used the phrase ‘person of colour’ when referring to someone who wasn’t caucasian. That person that proceeded to try and admonish me for some of my views. The commenter was a white lady from South Africa, so aside from realising she’s a fool, I ignored her inbred racism. What kind of a person uses the phrase ‘person of colour’ anyway? What a joke hahahahaha!

Then there’s an annoying silly cow who seems to love making comments about me personally that just make me want to slap her. Nothing but an uppity cow with an ‘I art holier than thou’ attitude.

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