An update on things with me

Things are going good. I no longer work at Overdrive Design Labs anymore. No point in going into detail, but I am a happier man for it, and am far less stressed and getting along better with my children – somewhat.

Nicolas is still bullying the hell out of Alex. She’s a tough girl though… a couple of times she’s fallen over and whacked her head and people nearby got concerned, but knowing my daughter I’ve done nothing and she just gets up and carries on.

I’ve got a new male cat. At first his name was ‘Cat’… but Nicolas renamed him Diego – after his favourite cartoon character.

I flew out to Alberta last month. Lori wanted me to build her a website so she flew me out there. I had a very unpleasant experience. She went out to get lagging and I didn’t want to so I stayed at her house (where her kids and the babysitter were). Discovered that her baby had no milk so I left with her brother to go to Ponoka and get some groceries for the kids… as I didn’t know when Lori would be back.

I got to Ponoka, bought the groceries and on the way back I was in a rush – so I passed a big lorry on double yellow lines. An RCMP cruiser came out of a side street just as I was passing… so of course it pulled up behind me and the lights went on. I slowed down and all of a sudden the spotlight was on… and the cop over the megaphone told me to get out slowly.

Anyway… cut a long story short I was arrested for driving a stolen vehicle and thrown in jail for five hours. A couple of weeks before Lori’s dad had taken the van whilst she was drinking, and then reported it stolen when she couldn’t remember where it was. A lil while after that the Hobbema RCMP found it outside her house, checked her registration details etc and said they’d call it in. They didn’t and so it was still reported stolen which is why that happened. I’m angry at Hobbema RCMP, but I’m angry at Lori for leaving me in that situation. Of course, she said her baby would have been fine till the morning, but I tried to tell her I didn’t know when she would be back. That ruined my entire trip. I definitely won’t be having my citizenship party over there anymore.

Had a massive argument with a friend over dating people with big age differences. I tried to explain to her that within reason age shouldn’t make a difference. I’m not talking about a 25yr old dating a 14yr old… but a 28yr old dating an 19yr old. Tried to explain partners should be chosen based upon the content of their character, but I wasn’t listened to.

Just found out today that one of my soccer team-mates is 29 years old dating someone who just turned 20. It was good to see that someone else shared my point of view. I hate it when people discriminate based upon idiotic social norms. Kenora will never be any better than it is, and nor will the small-town mentality of this cesspit ever change.

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