An awesome feeling

I’m sitting with a friend, I’m drinking  a cup of hazelnut coffee beside me and we’re watching Band of Brothers. Seeing the hardships allied troops went through in World War Two made me realise it takes a special sort of person to become a soldier.

Civilians have no idea what it means and how it feels to serve, and be willing to lay your life down for your fellow citizens.

On a side note, me and my mate just got into an ethical debate regarding the following scenario.

You’re a soldier on foot patrol in Afghanistan and you come across an unarmed civilian ten year old girl.  Your patrol commander determines your group does not have the capacity to detain her, and orders you to shoot the girl dead for fear of her alerting your position to the enemy.   Do you refuse the order? If someone else is ordered to shoot the girl, how far do you go to stop what appears to be a war crime and act of murder?

Anyway – the debate came around to my point that there is simply nothing more in important in life than doing what’s right.   My mate was wrong because he said there could be something more important in life than doing what’s right.   I’d love to know what possibly could.

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