Almost Canadian

After two years of dicking around, I finally filed the necessary papers with Citizenship and Immigration Canada.   The form was surprisingly short and the application cost $200… along with the $15 to get two Immigration photos done   ( which have different specifications from passport photos).

The process is going to take a while… and there’s a document called ‘Discover Canada: the Rights and Responsibilities’ which I’m supposed to study about Canadian history, values, rights and responsibilities of citizenship etc.   Then I’ll take a citizenship test and take an oath before a citizenship judge.   If I flunk the test I’ll have an interview with a citizenship judge.   Guess I got a lot of studying to do.

So by this time next year… I really will be Canadian.   Holy cow eh?

Ryan Paul

Just some Canadian guy who used to be British, and who has come to be highly ashamed at the chapters in Canadian history concerning Aboriginal people.

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