A victory for freedom of speech

For those who don’t know, a while back there was a story about Raed Jarrar who was made to cover up a tshirt in America before he was allowed on a Jet Blue aeroplane, because a bunch of ignorant Americans, true to their nature, were scared because the writing was in Arabic.

It turns out Raed Jarrar has been awarded USD$240,000 for that ridiculous boo-boo by the TSA and Jet Blue.   I bet those ignorant fucks are regretting the education system in America now huh?   I bet that company is regretting electing a Republican illiterate twat into the White House.   I hope they are.

When the original story came out I bought two tshirts immediately.   You can get them for a donation from The Critical Voice website.

Ryan Paul

Just some Canadian guy who used to be British, and who has come to be highly ashamed at the chapters in Canadian history concerning Aboriginal people.

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