A Sick Child

We called Telehealth Ontario because Alex’s temperature was going up again.   They misdiagnosed her as just a normal cold and said that’s good.   I don’t blame them as they’re not there in person, but we do know now not to take their word for anything.

I had to take Alex to hospital and sit there for five hours before the doctor analysed her urine and found that she has ANOTHER urine infection.   The doctor was worried and admitted her to the hospital.   Lorraine stayed with her overnight.   Apparently the strain of bacteria that had given Alex her previous urine infection was resistant to the Amoxycilin so they’ve given her Novo-Trimel this time.

I got sick of waiting in the hospital and actually signed the form to leave against medical advice as there were no emergencies coming in.   The receptionist convinced me to stay and I’m very thankful she did.   I’ll never try to leave the hospital because of long wait times again.

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