A recent conversation on racial equality

This is a transcript of a conversation I had recently with a bloke. Usually have this same sort of conversation with the same person about once every two or three months.

Ryan Paulquestion for you.
Ryan Paulyep ?
Ryan Paulwhat happens when the natives get the vote ie: make up +50% of the population
Ryan Paulyou mean generally ?
Ryan Paulscheduled for 2024 or something like that
Ryan Paulwell I mean if half the population doesn’t pay tax what happens to the country
Ryan PaulI’d like to think Canada will start to become the place I hope it can be
Ryan Paulhealth care will crumble
Ryan PaulThat’s a complete misconception.
Ryan Paulso will everything else
Ryan PaulNatives pay tax
Ryan PaulI know it varies from treaty to treaty
Ryan PaulThey don’t pay tax on their wages if they work on a reserve or for an organisation that’s on a reserve.
Ryan Paulmy point being
Ryan PaulHealthcare won’t crumble – it’s crumbled already.
Ryan PaulI think other peoples make our economic engines turn
Ryan PaulNothing will change… except the government will have to start listening to the needs of native people.
Ryan Pauldue to contributing more through taxation
Ryan Paulthe only thing that will change is natives will start to get what they are owed
Ryan PaulPsssht
Ryan PaulI should get what I am owed b
Ryan Paulby picking up the slack
Ryan Paulfor everyone else
Ryan Paulgrrrr
Ryan PaulA treaty is a deal between two parties.
Ryan PaulMost of the deal’s haven’t been fully honoured.
Ryan Paulya but they call the mining act antiquated
Ryan Paulnevermind the treaties
Ryan Pauldouble standards
Ryan PaulLike for instance… Anicinabe Park… is CLEARLY within the traditional land use area of Rat Portage…
Ryan Paullets all use it
Ryan Paul15million native voters… I can only dream
Ryan Paulwe are after all 1 nation
Ryan Paulcalled canada
Ryan PaulNo let’s not all use it. Natives control somewhere around 1% of Canada
Ryan Paulland
Ryan Paulcanadian land…
Ryan Paulabout as much as I do
Ryan Paulhmm
Ryan PaulLOL
Ryan Paulthe least we can do are a few things…
Ryan Paullike pay tax
Ryan Pauland not eat pop and chips and kfc every day
Ryan Paul1. at ANY cost, give control of sacred sites back to natives
Ryan Paulthen get diabetes and become a bigger burden
Ryan Paul2. stop and reverse any non-native organisation, company, person or government entity that has misappropriated land within reserve lines, and within traditional land use areas
Ryan Paul3. honour the treaties
Ryan Paul4. MAKE the police, judiciary and society stop treating natives as second class citizens
Ryan Paulhow about 1 get a jorb, 2 eat healthier, 3 join the general population
Ryan Pauldo all those things and there’d be peace…
Ryan Paul1. about 70% of natives i know have jobs.
Ryan Paulyep
Ryan PaulI know
Ryan Paul2. ALL natives I know have the same eating habits as non-natives
Ryan PaulI like natives just not chabs
Ryan PaulLOL
Ryan Pauljk
Ryan PaulChabs ?
Ryan Paulwhy do I fuk with u?
Ryan PaulUhhhh i know 😉
Ryan Paulah the same reason u fuk with me
Ryan PaulLOL
Ryan Paulbecause you ARE on the wrong side of the argument
Ryan Paulwe like arguing with each other
Ryan Pauland I’m on the right side but you fail to see it 😀
Ryan PaulI just don’t like being the mule
Ryan Pauland thats what the avg white guy is these days
Ryan Paulyou don’t have to be. just support doing the right thing.
Ryan Paula damn mule
Ryan Paulnope
Ryan Paulthat’s not true.
Ryan Paulno?
Ryan Paulland disputes will continue until Canada stops dragging its feet
Ryan Paulhow much tax did my buddy living on white dog pay?
Ryan Pauldepends on if he had a job on a reserve…
Ryan Paulexactly
Ryan Pauldid I get paid to go to school?
Ryan Paulhow about my dental work and vision
Ryan Paul?
Ryan PaulCanada has been putting natives last on its list of priorities for years.
Ryan Paulhow about the brand new trucks?
Ryan Pauland homes?
Ryan PaulWhen was the last time you heard a politician running for Prime Minister mention tackling native issues?
Ryan PaulThe issue is the inequality in terms of paying for the country to run
Ryan Paulit falls on me
Ryan Paulthe hard working tax payer
Ryan PaulI make the gears turn
Ryan Paulit falls on everyone who’s profiting from the subjugation of the first people of this country…
Ryan Paulme
Ryan PaulI was born here as they were
Ryan PaulI just am a diff color
Ryan Paulso I get fuked
Ryan Pauldude you’re not one of the first people’s race. you’re not being subjugated and being restricted from fulfilling your cultural destiny
Ryan PaulIm just the guy who has to pay for it all
Ryan Paulfun fun and very fair
Ryan Paulyou and i are both profiting from the alien domination and subjugation of the Indigenous people of Canada. We should pay, we must pay… we owe it to them to pay
Ryan Paulhttp://www.intertribaltimes.ca/editorial/policing-in-kenora/
Ryan Paulabove all I want fairness for me
Ryan PaulI owe noone
Ryan Paulexcept myself an honest living
Ryan Paulthe ground where you go home to every night is on the traditional land of natives.
Ryan Pauland?
Ryan Paulwe took it
Ryan Paulif you’re using it, u should pay…
Ryan Paulthey lost
Ryan Paulwe won
Ryan Paulthat’s right.
Ryan Paulgo after the romans for england then
Ryan Paulsee how far u get
Ryan PaulPoint is england is still populated and controlled by ENGLISH people… not Romans
Ryan Paulpssht after cultural genocide
Ryan Paulthe celts are not there anymore
Ryan Paulreplaced with roman culture
Ryan PaulYes they are… all over Scotland… that’s still part of the U.K… they just moved
Ryan PaulLOL how is ur boy?
Ryan Pauldoing well I hope
Ryan Paulhe’s doing excellently.
Ryan Paulnice
Ryan Paulgood to hear
Ryan Paulno war between u and his momma?
Ryan Pauldunno… she’s Chief now…
Ryan PaulNice
Ryan Paulnice more than I make
Ryan PaulI should form a tribe and become chief
Ryan Paulthats horse shit
Ryan Paulpay for what u use
Ryan Paultell her that
Ryan Paulmakes me sick
Ryan Paulphysically
Ryan PaulShe still pays taxes in town for stuff… just not on her wages. Why should she? She works on sovereign land for a sovereign people…
Ryan Paulfuck that
Ryan Paulshe is canadian o
Ryan Paulbrb making a sandwich
Ryan Paulk
Ryan Paulmarmite sandwich yummy
Ryan Paulshe is Aboriginal first… Canadian second
Ryan Paulshe never asked to be Canadian
Ryan PaulI never asked either
Ryan Paulbut it happendd
Ryan Paulhad as much choice as her
Ryan PaulYou weren’t forced. You were born it.
Ryan Paulsame as her
Ryan PaulNo. The Canadian title and culture is forced upon her by our lot.
Ryan Pauland on me
Ryan PaulI would rather say fuck this country and break kenora off
Ryan Paultake care of the local residents and thats it
Ryan Paulincluding the reserves
Ryan Paulcause they are locals too
Ryan Pauland thats what counts
Ryan Paulnot race
Ryan Paulor gender
Ryan Paultake care of your own
Ryan Pauland they are my own
Ryan Paulnext time you’re in Kenora i’ll show you some gravesites of children that were kidnapped at gunpoint and murdered in a school
Ryan Paulquit thinking the worst or you won’t see the best
Ryan Paulshit happens everday all over the world
Ryan Pauli’m not thinking the worst. i just think it might help you to see the light if you see first hand some of the darker sides of Canada
Ryan PaulThe darker side that affects me is picking up the tab for people who are on welfare and don’t pay tax and yet expect everything to be handed to them. That goes for whites, blacks, natives or chinese. No mater what
Ryan Paulgive back what u take
Ryan Paulit applys to the land and our country
Ryan Paulgive back their land and let’s all fuck off back to Europe
Ryan Pauli’d do it
Ryan Paulno way
Ryan PaulI was born here
Ryan Paulthis is my home
Ryan Paulmy birth right
Ryan Pauland what about the indians in the UK
Ryan PaulLOL
Ryan Paulthe real indians
Ryan Paulthey belong there>
Ryan Paulwot about them?
Ryan Paulyour regional isolationalist attitude just doens’t work
Ryan Paulnever will
Ryan Paulpeople and species migrate
Ryan Paulyup yup yup
Ryan Paulalways have always will
Ryan Paulour coming here was supposed to happen or it wouldn’t have
Ryan Pauli agree with that.
Ryan Paulbut the way it was done was bogus.
Ryan Paulthings turned our way worse in other areas of the world
Ryan Paulgenocide
Ryan Paulcompelte
Ryan Paulya there were a couple tribes lost here
Ryan Paulbut the poeple exist
Ryan PaulI don’t think you’d be saying that if you were on the receiving end of the colonisation. Easy to say when you aren’t the victim.
Ryan PaulI am of over taxation
Ryan Pauldue to a large part of the population not contributing and only taking
Ryan Paulthat isn’t just natives
Ryan PaulThey contributed their country, their land, their resources, their water, their lives and their culture.
Ryan Paulwe took that
Ryan Paulthey didn’t contribute it
Ryan PaulLOL
Ryan Pauleither contribute or leave is what I think should happen
Ryan Paulon welfare and can work? leave
Ryan Pauldidn’t pay your taxes this year leave
Ryan Pauldrink yourself to death leave
Ryan Paulblame your problems on everyone else
Ryan Paulleave
Ryan PaulIf you were a Yank you’d be a Republican
Ryan PaulI care for the population
Ryan Paulnot the ones who need the care
Ryan Paulyes the ones who can take and be thankful and then return
Ryan Paulu shoot a lame horse
Ryan Paulnot feed it for life
Ryan Pauli don’t agree with that one bit dude.
Ryan Paulthat’s not compassionate
Ryan Paulit is so
Ryan Paulpain is a horrible thing and releving that pain is compassion
Ryan Pauloh and george bush is a fool
Ryan Paulnot a republican
Ryan PaulI vote ndp or green
Ryan Paulif the ndp were for boosting military spending i’ll vote for them
Ryan Paulya to ensure no revolts from unappreciative people who want no part of this country
Ryan Paulwe need to bring back the gallies
Ryan Paultreason should result in death
Ryan Paulnope we need to kick ourselves out and let the natives live in peace
Ryan Paulshut up
Ryan Paulwe took it fair and square
Ryan Paulwe won
Ryan Paulstole it through murder. NOT through war
Ryan Paulthat is war
Ryan Paulmurder and murder til one side caves
Ryan Paulone side caved
Ryan Paultherefore they should be thankful with whatever they get
Ryan Pauland thankful they weren’t wiped out
Ryan Paulcould have been you know
Ryan Pauleasily
Ryan Paulso sit back and enjoy
Ryan Pauland be thankful for the good life you are allowed
Ryan Paulanything more would be against the fabric of the universe
Ryan Paulthe way things are are the way they were supposed to be
Ryan PaulIf that’s the case, then if someone kicks your door in, and fires an Uzi into your face, then that’s alright because his might was bigger than yours.
Ryan Paulyep
Ryan Paulthats the way of the world
Ryan Paulalways has been
Ryan Pauleven before we got here
Ryan Paulthere was war here
Ryan Paultribes won and lost
Ryan PaulYou say yep now, but I think you’d have something different to say if it was your mother/sister/aunt/uncle/etc
Ryan Paulyep
Ryan Paulbut I didn’t lose
Ryan Paulall I know is I am sick of being taken advantage of by people who are not thankful for what they are given
Ryan Paulwelfare recipients etc etc etc
Ryan Paulalways more more more
Ryan Pauli don’t think you are able to tell who’s grateful and who’s not
Ryan Paulwell I like others are reaching a point where I’m not gonna do it anymore
Ryan Pauland think its the role of all canadians to take a stand against the tyranical ways of our govt
Ryan Paulturning us all against each other
Ryan Paultaking from everyone
Ryan Paulmaking 1 people carry all peoples
Ryan Paulits fucking shit and if you can’t see that you are ignorant and biased
Ryan Paullife is about cooperation and compassion
Ryan Paulnot fuking everyone else over cause they aren’t the same as you
Ryan Paulits bull shit through and through
Ryan Paulnope nope. it’s a righteous and fair thing to do.
Ryan Paulcompassion is compensating for the horrors in Canada’s history
Ryan Paulfuck off
Ryan Paulcompassion is working together for a common goal not trying to screw everyone else
Ryan PaulCompassion is seeing the affects of our colonisation and doing something about it.
Ryan Paulu are so fucking brain washed it isn’t funny
Ryan Paullook at all sides not just one
Ryan PaulI DO. I realise I’m profiting from their subjugation to a system that was forced upon them. I don’t mind paying taxes to compensate that.
Ryan Paulfuck you then
Ryan Paulthey have to contribute as much as I or they are nothing
Ryan Paulsimple as that
Ryan Paulindividual by individual
Ryan PaulWhy should they not receive compensation for what happened to them?
Ryan Paulwhat about me
Ryan Pauland all of us
Ryan Paulu think tearing a country apart serves anyone
Ryan Paul?
Ryan Paulnot at all
Ryan Paulour race came here. there’s didn’t.
Ryan Paulyes they did
Ryan Paulnobody asking to tear Canada apart.
Ryan Paulthey migrated
Ryan Paulmigrated the same as us
Ryan Paulthat argument is ages old. 5000 years trumps 150 years
Ryan Pauldoes it
Ryan Paulwhat about we were all born here except you
Ryan Paulu are biased and ignorant of both sides
Ryan Pauland think your high mighty cookie cutter attitude is right
Ryan Paulwe are 1 nation
Ryan Paul1
Ryan Paulwe need to start acting like it
Ryan PaulNot in the slightest. The fact that you were born here does not matter. Your birth is upon the genocide. Your life and foundation was given to you as a direct result of the genocide
Ryan PaulWhich is fine.
Ryan PaulBut don’t act like it’s not
Ryan Paulas is the UK
Ryan Paulthey built an empire on riches from here
Ryan Paulget them to pay it back
Ryan Paulfuck u and your high horse bull shit close minded attitutude
Ryan PaulFair compensation, no building on sacred sites, traditional or reserve land, and equality is what will fix the problems.
Ryan Paulequality is not working me to death to make my way up the ladeer
Ryan Paulequal rights are not special rights
Ryan Paullets all be the same
Ryan Paultreated the same
Ryan Paulcontribute the same
Ryan Paulit was up to them to defend it and they didn’t
Ryan Paultheir lose not mine
Ryan Paultheir weakness is my gain
Ryan Paulas is the way of nature
Ryan Paulnobody’s asking for special rights.
Ryan Paulthey’re asking to have their human rights respected
Ryan Paulno
Ryan Paulwhat about fishing rights
Ryan PaulI have to buy a license
Ryan Paulthey’re asking for the United Nations decree on indigenous people to be respected.
Ryan Paulwhat about no taxes
Ryan Paul?
Ryan Paulthat not a special right?
Ryan PaulCanada thumbs it’s nose at the international community.
Ryan Paulas it should PC bull shit
Ryan PaulPerhaps its time I defend my country
Ryan Paulno it shouldn’t. Canada is a part of the world community and should act like it.
Ryan Pauland I promise I will be more successful
Ryan Paulwell the natives aren’t
Ryan Paulthey are as bad as china
Ryan Paulfor putting up walls
Ryan Paulisolationist
Ryan Paulbull shit
Ryan PaulNope they just want our lot off their sacred sites, and to stop building golf courses across burial grounds
Ryan Paulu want to live the life you had go into the bush and disappear
Ryan Paulthats between them and the builders not me
Ryan PaulI pay taxes and send their kids to school and the dentist
Ryan PaulI fly them from the rez for heart burn
Ryan PaulI get to listen to high and mighty bull shit from outsiders and told to suck it up
Ryan Paulfuck that
Ryan Paulwe need to band together
Ryan Paulstop acting as if you’re not one of the non-native crowd. it’s plain and simple. Us and them. That’s how it is. That’s how it will always be.
Ryan Paulnot point at each other
Ryan PaulI am native to canada
Ryan PaulI was born here
Ryan Paulthis is my home
Ryan Paulmy country
Ryan Paulmy land
Ryan Paulthis is canada
Ryan Pauland many people call it home
Ryan Paulthey are called canadians
Ryan Pauland should act like it
Ryan PaulGoing on that premise if some woman kicked in your front door, and had a baby in your hall, that baby would have a right to live there. LIfe just does not work like that.
Ryan Paulevidently so get over it
Ryan Paulsuck it up cause I have to
Ryan Pauland start being self sufficient as I am
Ryan Paulhave some fucking pride
Ryan PaulYour attitude of forcing people to do things they don’t want to do isn’t right.
Ryan PaulI don’t want to pick up the slack
Ryan Paulhow is that fair to me
Ryan Paulor u
Ryan Paulnot at all
Ryan Paulif you want to see a dentist pay for it
Ryan Paulif you want a truck pay for it
Ryan Paulwant a home
Ryan Paul?
Ryan PaulOnce again… because you are stopping them from fulfilling their cultural destiny.
Ryan Paulpay for it
Ryan Paulthis is their destiny
Ryan PaulYour presence here is colonising them.
Ryan Paulgrow up and welcome to the real world where a man makes himself
Ryan Paulso what
Ryan PaulThat’s YOUR real world.
Ryan PaulNOT theirs.
Ryan Paulit has happened all over the world
Ryan PaulThey have a different way of doing things.
Ryan Paulwell their world will go up in fire if they don’t stop being FUCKING STUPID
Ryan Paulput up or shut up
Ryan Paulthat means contribute and be thankful like me
Ryan PaulIt’s not about being stupid. It’s about a people who want the freedom to do things their way, the way they please.. .the way that worked excellently for the last 5000 years before we came along and fucked it all up.
Ryan Paulso vote
Ryan Paulthats how I get to determine the direction of this country
Ryan Paullook at what good it does me
Ryan Paulnothing
Ryan PaulI gotta jet though
Ryan PaulYour ENTIRE argument is based upon FORCING a people to do something.
Ryan Paulahhh okay
Ryan PaulDo get back to me though eh… nice showing you that you are as ever….. WRONG hahahaha
Ryan PaulI am right
Ryan Paulcooperation builds
Ryan Paulsegregation destroys
Ryan Paulwe learned that and so should they

Ryan Paul

Just some Canadian guy who used to be British, and who has come to be highly ashamed at the chapters in Canadian history concerning Aboriginal people.

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