A possible political assassination

When Barack Obama first won the Presidency, I was somewhat convinced that some looney right wing redneck racist was going to make a serious attempt to kill the President.   I’m sure he’s had plenty of death threats – but I am entirely convinced that the United States Secret Service know what they’re doing and have his safety well in hand.

There is another highly visible politician with far more of a chance of being physically murdered / assassinated.   Olympia Snowe is a moderate Republican Senator in the representing Maine, U.S.A.   Currently President Obama is trying to pass a healthcare reform bill that will give healthcare coverage to almost all Americans.   It’s expected to pass but as the media is reporting Senator Olympia Snowe is a pivotal figure who can influence the entire healthcare reform bill President Obama wants passed.

Whilst the U.S Secret Service is almost certainly protecting her… it would be far easier for some   small group of healthcare executives pay a professional hitman to take her out by fraying her brake cables, or breaking a gas line in her house so it explodes when she turns on the lights, than it would to assassinate the President.   The healthcare industry stands to lose a lot of profit by government regulation of their industry.   How easy would it be for some greedy bastard at United Health Group or Wellpoint to recreate a scene similar to that in John Grisham’s book ‘The Pelican Brief’?   Very easy.   $100,000 is a tiny price to pay for an unscrupulous greedy bastard to be rid of someone they see as getting in their way!

I wonder if the U.S Secret Service has sophisticated word tracking on the internet… they might stand up and take notice at this post hahaha!   Fuck – I hope I don’t disappear if someone actually does what I outlined.

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