A New Addition

That’s right folks… I now have a new daughter who was born on February 15th 2007.   Her name is Alex Maryse Cobiness Paul.

There was an emergency in the maternity ward with her being born, and my woman had to get a Caesarean section.

They gave her a drug called Citosis or something like that to make the contractions start… and to cut a long story short, it caused the baby’s heart beat to drop from 160 to 60 per minute.   They kicked me out of the O.R on the pretence of getting scrubbed up.   Once I had they wouldn’t let me back in.   It was so urgent that the Senior Obstetrician told the nurses to stop painting the iodine on my woman, and to pour it instead which they did.   The whole process only took about eight minutes, but it was the longest eight minutes of my life.

You can be sure I will post more about this soon, along with pictures.

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