A Letter To Canada’s Taxpayers

Dear Canadian TaxPayers Who Control Your Politicians:

Whilst the men and women in Canada’s Armed Forces may not be your sons and daughters, they are still someone else’s children.

Being cavalier with the lives and safety of Canada’s military personnel just because it’s not your child… by allowing your political leadership to chronically underfund, and shortchange the military is sickening.

All of this might be a different story if it were your children sent to protect Canada and its interests with aging equipment and a military budget that is less of the GDP than places like Bangladesh, Burkino Faso, Fiji, Peru, and many other countries who have less of an international presence than Canada.

The military needs a healthy budget, constant investment in the latest technologies, researching new technologies and weapons systems, and above all it needs the Canadian taxpayer to stand behind it politically and financially so it can stand in front of Canadians physically.

In short – Dear Canadian Taxpayer – stop being niggardly and parsimonious with defense spending before Canada is relegated to insignificance and irrelevance. Thank you.

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