Rising Phoenix – Kyle Mills

Rising Phoenix - Kyle Mills

I chose to review this book first partly because it’s the author’s first novel. I loved it. Kyle Mills is the author and has created a masterpiece.

The story includes two main characters – FBI Agent Mark Beamon and former DEA Agent John Hobart. Secondary but very important figures are Colombian drug lord Luis Colombar, preacher Reverend Simon Blake, and Colombar’s lawyer Alejandro Perez.

The story starts out as DEA Agent John Hobart has a suspect in custody during an assignment. He uses torture, and physical brutality to glean information from this suspect. FBI Agent Mark Beamon walks in the middle of it, disgusts, and walks out with Hobart’s suspect under the train of Hobart’s pistol. The torture ends Hobart’s career.

The story then focuses on Reverend Blake, who is a preacher and the head of a financially successful church, disguised more like a corporate environment. His head of security is John Hobart. After one day finding out his child has experimented with drugs, Reverend Blake uses the vast funds from the Church’s accounts and orders John Hobart to hit back at the main drug suppliers to America.

Using those funds, John Hobart finds a chemical nerd and commissions him to find a deadly untraceable poison, with a time delayed reaction. Using the toxins of a mushroom found in Eastern Europe, John Hobart takes this poison to South America, where he uses an old buddy to find the main chemical plant manufacturing cocaine. Inserting the poison into the heavily guarded narcotics using an ingenious method, John Hobart successfully poisons all of the cocaine coming from the drug plant of Luis Colombar, destined for America.

Cocaine users in the U.S start dropping like flies in their hundreds. Then thousands start dying. Cocaine users simply keep dying and show no signs of stopping. Finding the perpetrator has become the FBI’s priority! Mark Beamon is put on the case. Aided partially by a Mafia boss from the Eastern U.S, the story definitely keeps the reader fascinated.

This books gives a realistic report on how things would transpire if someone did try to poison the American drug supply. It taps into that tiny hidden part of most good people who are fed up with crime, drug use and narcotic related murders, who secretly want all drug dealers and users dead, but would never actually do anything to make that happen.

I was fascinated by it… and have read this book three times in the last year.

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