Hunting Season – P. T. Deutermann

Hunting Season - P.T. Deutermann

This was another of those books which I started reading because I had nothing else that interested me. As I’m finding more and more often, I was pleasantly surprised with this one. My imagination didn’t have to work very hard – after about five pages, I already had an image of a subtly muscled and grizzled old grey haired silent type.

Edwin Kreiss is a retired FBI agent – a manhunter whose speciality is making rogue operatives disappear. When Kreiss’s daughter vanishes in the backwoods of rural West Virginia, and the FBI has no leads to follow, Kreiss follows his own – with a vengeance. Exercising the lethal maneuvers that made him the best “sweeper” in the business, Kreiss plunges back into action – this time as the dangerous loner he was once trained to kill.

Unknown to Kreiss, corrupt agency brass have their own reasons for keeping the kidnapping low-profile – and making the job of eliminating Kreiss high priority. Called in to take him down is a deadly female assassin with a killer instinct that surpasses that of her prey. Now, as hunter becomes hunted, Kreiss finds himself and his daughter trapped in an elaborate game of political scandal and personal revenge. And whatever secret has been buried by Kreiss’s elusive enemies is sure to trigger open season on anyone who discovers it.

This story has the ATF, FBI and CIA all mixed into one with enough techno and black ops to satisfy Clancy fans, back-pedaling internecine treachery to keep Carré fans reading and enough plot turns and suspense to keep Crichton and Higgins Clark devotees guessing.

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