Fade – Kyle Mills

I picked this book up at a bargain bookstore in the mall here in Kenora. Floating around, as you do in a bookstore, I saw Kyle Mills name and immediately picked it up and bought it based upon the strength because of .

One thing I liked about this book is that in this day and age, the chances of the United States of America having an Arab Muslim in their highly trained special forces ranks just doesn’t seem to be realistic.   However, Kyle Mills manages to write the story in a way that makes it believable.   You’d think that with the main character having an Arabic name the storyline would be about him being a spy for a country hostile to the United States like Iran or Syria – the plot is excellent and so is the car in it.   This is one of the ones you need to check out for real!

A former Navy SEAL who speaks perfect Arabic, Salam al Fayed (a.k.a. “Fade”) had been one of the deadliest weapons in America’s arsenal – until a mission gone wrong put a bullet in his back, requiring risky surgery the government refused to pay for.

Embittered by a wound that could one day paralyze him, Fade isn’t exactly cooperative when Homeland Security insists on putting him back on the payroll. But they’re not taking “no” for an answer – and what is meant to be a foolproof deceptions turns into an explosive bloodbath.

It falls to an estranged friend of Fade’s named Matt Egan to clean up the mess made by his superiors. But it isn’t going to be easy – because Fade is gunning for the men who set him up. And Matt is at the top of the list…

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