Former Canadian Forces Army Captain Speaks Out

Robert Semrau is finally doing a bit of talking apparently.  Writing a book about his time in Afghanistan – minus the one incident that everyone wants to hear about when it comes to him.

For those who don’t remember or know – Robert Semrau was a Captain as part of a patrol which was bumped by the insurgents.  An attack helicopter lit up the bad guys and annihilated them.  The story goes that Capt. Semrau came upon a grossly wounded insurgent on the verge of death, having basically been cut into pieces by the fusilade of bullets from the helicopter.  It is alleged that Capt. Semrau made a humanitarian decision to end the suffering of this insurgent, and shot the insurgent twice killing him instantly.

Military law says you cannot shoot an unarmed person who poses no threat.  Logic would then state that you are required to prolong the person’s suffering by attempting to keep him alive, even if there is no hope.

Supposing for a moment Capt. Semrau did what he was accused of – he would have had to make a decision between following the law to the letter (however stupid he may have thought it was) and doing what he thought was the right thing to do.  He’s a stronger man than I for making that decision if he did.

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