Canadian Government seems to be listening

A while back I blogged about Canada’s government  allowing a Chinese company to bid on contracts to supply, amongst other things, Canada’s military with secure communication. To people allowed to express opinions, it might have seemed plainly obvious that Harper’s government initially was more interested in the economics of bringing in hundreds of millions in revenue from China.

Apparently Stephen Harper is now listening to his own intelligence community – because it seems that Ottawa has said it would block Huawei from the bid by invoking a national security exception.

But – they have a pretty well made website –  Are they having a bad rap?  Well I’m not going to express an opinion on that, but Canada’s intelligence community isn’t the only one worried about the threat posed from Chinese espionage.

U.S President Barack Obama ordered Ralls Corp. to get rid of its interests in a wind farm next to a U.S Navy weapons training and testing facility.  As well,  Australia’s government blocked Huawei from bidding on  a national broadband network.

Are all these countries paranoid?  Or have the Chinese got a history of military, economic, and industrial espionage, and these countries are rightfully blocking a major threat?

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