Gossip and Life

I moved out of Kenora about eight months ago.  Part of it was my 13yr job was drawing to a close due to the lack of business to support my wage.  But most of the reason was 14 years of gossip were affecting my peace and happiness.

Eight months away and people are STILL creating rumours and gossiping about me and I don’t even live in Kenora anymore.  Over the last year I’ve been accused of stealing someone else’s girlfriend, creating a stupid Facebook page about people I don’t care about, and being a suspect in a murder investigation. The side affects of this stupidity was taking up so much of my time I decided to get off HMCS Kenora Gossip and let that ship sink on its own.

The thing about stealing someone else’s girlfriend happened because I was hanging out and doing gym with someone’s former girlfriend.  That caused months and months of gossip.  The problem with that is I never intended or tried to steal that person.  I’d just broken up with someone and needed a friend and that was it.

The thing about the Facebook page… someone stole my device, and to cut a long story short, I was accused of making a Facebook page that dealt the dirt on some people in Kenora.  The problem with that is I would’ve had to take time away from my children and my job to create something about people I simply don’t care about and who are not important enough in my life to care about.

The rumour about being a suspect in a murder investigation happened because I was questioned by the police and had my house searched when Delaine Copenace went missing because some idiot in Kenora told the police I was involved in a kidnapping.  I guess spending 6-8 hours a day with my own children searching for someone else’s missing child constitutes reasonable suspicion eh?

The thing that sucks the most about it is the gossip almost exclusively comes from one demographic.  It’s never going to change.

So world… if you ever move to Kenora, keep your friends to less than those you can count on one hand, don’t ever go to Shooters (a local cesspit commonly referred to as a bar), don’t hang out or associate with anyone who drinks alcohol more than a couple of times a month, and definitely don’t associate with anyone who smokes any narcotic other than weed.

If you follow this advice you can find happiness in Kenora 🙂

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