Army No More

All I ever wanted to be when I was younger was a father, a police officer, and a soldier. I got two out of three life dreams accomplished which is more than most get.

I was an army reservist with the Royal Canadian Artillery for just over nine years. When I started you couldn’t have found a more proud Canadian.  I was finally serving my country and stood ready to defend Canada if it ever came to it.

But slowly it started all unravelling.  First it started with a few problems my direct chain of command had with what I was writing on my website. I took my punishment and did everything I was supposed to do.  But slowly over the years I realised that an officer was holding back my career.  This was confirmed by two higher ranks who didn’t even like me coming to me and telling me that they don’t know why but this officer was holding a personal grudge and that it was getting in the way of my military career.  Once I heard that my enthusiasm tanked and it was all downhill from there with no motivation.  After being given a leadership course after I stopped caring, I started toying with the idea of leaving the army.

Outside of the army I had slowly been coming increasingly disillusioned with Canada’s political leadership under the Liberal Party of Canada and Justin Trudeau.  The hatred I felt towards him and his party kept increasing with every budget cut, and every soldier suicide.

It all came to a hilt near the start of October 2018 when Justin Trudeau and his government fought a challenge in the Supreme Court of Canada and won a decision that says Ottawa has no duty to consult with First Nations when drafting laws that could affect constitutionally protected indigenous and treaty rights.

I submitted my release memo a week later and released from the army about less than a month and a half later.  My conscience got to me and I realised could no longer support a government that treats indigenous people with such disdain and disrespect. It was a period of intense sadness that I’m still not over, and may not ever get over.  I feel a big hole has been left in my chest as I miss the camaraderie.  I had to do what’s right. On to new things.

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