Aboriginal Women Murdered by Aboriginal Men

Canada has a problem like no other country.  Our Aboriginal women are missing in their thousands.  It’s a disgustingly shameful and sad situation where an expensive car is valued more than a native woman’s life.  Statistics show that 70% of Aboriginal women in Canada are murdered by Aboriginal men.  There is no list available online and so I created this.  This WILL grow as I have time to add more names.  This serves as a reminder for me, but also a reminder for other people that native men do commit murder too, and are no less or no more deserving of being suspects just because of their race.

Please check back periodically.

  1. Amanda Jane Cook
  2. Jocelyn McDonald
  3. Amanda Jane Simpson
  4. Diedre Marie Michelin
  5. Kathleen Leary
  6. Theresa Robinson
  7. Oolayou Eyesiak
  8. Karla Desrosiers

Ryan Paul

Just some Canadian guy who used to be British, and who has come to be highly ashamed at the chapters in Canadian history concerning Aboriginal people.

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