A Path Forward

I haven’t posted in a while mainly due to life changes. However I have a free moment to update folks. My web development job of almost 13 years came to an end and so I’ve moved to Winnipeg and have a full time job with the Government.

This left me with a need to pay my mortgage and so I rented out my house. Thankfully I’ve great tenants there.  After a while I realised that I had enough equity to buy another house.  So I did. The purchase of another house, also with great tenants, gave me the desire to become a landlord full time.

I searched for three months for a suitable house in Winnipeg. I must’ve looked online at 40 different duplexes and houses that I could’ve bought and made a killing by being a slumlord. Thanks to a modicum of ethics I refused and bought another house in Kenora.

My goal of becoming a fulltime landlord is intimidating as it requires securing funding for an extra mortgage. Anyone who’s had one knows that mortgages are hard to get at the best of times even with secure employment. But thanks to Arnold Schwarzenegger I’ve decided I WILL become a fulltime landlord and have a ten year plan. Anyway – check out the video – it’s motivated me to get things done. It’s awesome. I hope this video helped you as much as it helped me.

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